In this scrapbook, we observed the advertisement techniques of the original play “The Only Way,” and explored some of the background of the play’s author, Ignatius P. Walsh. I located a resurrection of the Cardinal Wiseman play “The Hidden Gem” at St. Ignatius. I learned about alumni and former professorial relationships with the university. Alumni would have their own shows performed at the college, including the dramatic reading of “Cyrano de Bergerac” in 1917. My last case study in the “Interesting Finds!” section of the previous post was on the development of the Catholic Instruction League because anti-theatrical sentiments toward vaudeville seem to parallel larger distrust of secularism in the education system. The close relationship between theatre performance and education at St. Ignatius through 1880-19-17 (as I’ve found it in my research thus far) also seems to run parallel to the League’s efforts because of plays’ emphases on morality. The sense of morality claimed by “The Only Way” is an example.

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