In these last few years of my exploration of the catalogues, I looked mostly to see what had changed about the college over time since the 1880s. I am very sad to report that a Loyola Dramatic Society did not reappear in the years I observed in the catalogues.


In earlier posts we discussed newspaper articles produced surrounding the production of this play, please see this blog post to read about my findings. A significant aspect of this program I would like to point out at this point is that Frederick Karr serves as the Dramatic Instructor of the event, and there hadn’t been a Dramatic instructor at the college since Joseph I. Sullivan in 1899.


1909-1910 Expences, $60.jpg
Note that the tuition has increased from $40 to $60, but all other expenses remain the same as in the 1880 program.
The societies at the university, a drama club is not listed.
1909-1910, Societies 2.jpg
The St. Ignatius Collegian is included in the societies established on campus for students and it is a quarterly published work of student literary work (does this sound like Diminuendo & Cadence like we have currently at Loyola or what!).

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