There were several exciting finds in this catalogue that seemed to bring my research full circle as I was able to identify plays that are unmarked in the Photo Albums of St. Ignatius.


1901-02, Students in "Near the Throne"- photo album corresponds.jpg
The students in this photograph are labeled as having performed in “Near the Throne.” The students in the square frame in the lower left part of the page are in a photograph of the St. Ignatius College Photograph Album, vol. IV. The student in the oblong frame on the right is also featured in the same photo album, but both instances are unlabeled and paired with photographs of students costumed for other plays and performances. The mystery is solved!
1901-02, "Near The Throne" .jpg
A program of “Near the Throne” with Edgar J. Cook as Antoniuus, Emperor of Rome. James A. Grffin is cast as Sicca, a courtier. 
1901-02, Chronicle of Events, Near the Throne- Dec. 18:19 at the Studebaker.jpg
The Chronicle of the Year 1901-1902. 
1901-02, Chrysostomian Debating Society, Edgar J. Cook Corresponding Secretary.jpg
Edgar J. Cook serves as Corresponding Secretary of The Chrysostomian Debating Society. 
1901-02, Edgar J. Cook, Philosophy.jpg
I decided to track the activities of Edgar J. Cook, who studied Philosophy the same year he was cast as Antoniuus in “Near the Throne.” 
1901-02, Examination, Translate Longfellow into Latin.jpg
The top part of the page of this examination asks students to translate a verse of Longfellow into Latin. 


1902-03, 1903, Mardi-Gras Musicale.jpg
The Mardi-Gras Musicale is an annual event. 
1902-03, Chronicle, Mardi Gras Musicale.jpg
“The Chronicle of the Year 1902-1903.” The annual college play is Shakespeare’s “King Henry IV,” performed at  Music Hall December 22nd and 23rd. 
1902-03, Dec. 22, 1902, "King Henry IV" Prince Hal- James Griffin.jpg
Program for “King Henry IV” at the Music Hall Fine Arts Building, December 22nd and 23rd, 1902. James A. Griffin is cast as Prince Hal. A photograph of James A. Griffin in costume as Prince Hal appears in the Photo Album of St. Ignatius, vol. IV. 
1902-1903, April 6th, Chrysostomian Society.jpg
James A. Griffin reads “The Knapp Trial” at a public meeting of the Chyssostomian Society on April 6th, 1903. 


1903-04, Arnold D. McMahon, Class of Commercial, penmanship- Commercial and Preparatory Departments.jpg
Arnold D. McMahon, the star of “Elma” during his college career serves as an instructor of First Commercial and Penmanship Courses. 
1903-04, Faculty, Arnold D. McMahon, Bookeeping, Algebra.jpg
Arnold D. McMahon also serves as an instructor of Bookkeeping and Algebra. 


1904-05, Chronicle of events, King Robert of Sicily presented at Powers' Theatre, Dec. 29th and 30th.jpg
“The Chronicle of the Year 1904-1905.” A performance, supposedly based off of the Longfellow poem, “King Robert of Sicily” is presented at the Powers’ Theatre December 29th and 30th. 
1904-05, King Robert of Sicily Program.jpg
Program for “King Robert of Sicily,” performed at the Powers’ Theatre December 29th and 30th. A photograph of students costumed for this play are also in the St. Ignatius College Photograph Album, vol. IV. 


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