The posts for the Catalogues series are structured to be captions on photographs. The photographs shared in this blog post focus on the involvement of the student actors George F. Gubbins and Arnold D. McMahon in the Oratorical and Elocution contests at St. Ignatius.


1895-96 Elocution Contest Medals, Third Class Gold Medal given to Arnold D. McMahon.jpg
In this photo, George F. Gubbins is awarded the First Class Gold Medal in Elocution and Arnold D. McMahon is awarded the Third Class Gold Medal. I have previously documented how both students are very active in the St. Ignatius community and have acted in several plays. This photo also serves to communicate that individuals are  consistently involved in both Elocution and Theatre.
1895-96, Haymarket Theatre June 3rd 1896, Oratorical Contest.jpg
The Oratorical Contest of June 3rd, 1896 at the Haymarket Theatre. I have photographs of the hard copy program of this Oratorical contest in particular, as it was highly advertised. Both the College Glee Club and the Alumni Glee Club performed at this event and George F. Gubbins presented a Bass Solo.
1895-96, May 7th, 1896, Elocution Contest- Glee Club, Arnold D. McMahon (D or J?).jpg
Elocution Contest of May 7th, 1896, Arnold D. McMahon presents the piece, “The Burial of Dundee,” a nineteenth century poem by William E. Aytoun.
1895-96, May 20th, 1896, Chysostomian Society, Literary Exercises, Longfellow Essay.jpg
The Literary Exercises of May 20th, 1896, but the Chrysostomian Society. Another Bass Solo was performed by George F. Gubbins.
1895-96, Picture of St. Ignatius College- view from 11th street.jpg
An illustration of St. Ignatius College, View from Eleventh Street.
1895-96, Student Totals 494.jpg
Total Student Count at 494
1895-96, Thrusday, Feb. 13th, 1896, Schiller Theatre,
Performance of “Elma, the Last of the Saronidae” at the Schiller Theatre on February 13, 1896. I came across a photograph of the performance in the St. Ignatius College Photograph Album, vol. i. Note that George G. Gubbins is cast as the Druid King, Nori and Arnold D. McMahon is cast as Elma.


1897-98, Camera Club- Henry J. Dumbach President.jpg
The St. Ignatius Camera Club, photographs in this catalogue of the campus departments were provided by the Camera Club. Henry J. Dumbach is listed as the club’s president.
1897-98, Elocution Course.jpg
A Course in Elocution is offered for the first time I noticed in my observation of the catalogues. The curriculum involves both vocal and gestural techniques.
1897-98, Instructor in Elocution, Mr. Joseph I. Sullivan.jpg
Joseph I. Sullivan is listed as an instructor in the Elocution course, another instance of intersection between Elocution and Theatre.
1897-98, Prepatory Department Instructor, Mr. Joseph I. Sullivan, English Branches.jpg
Joseph I. Sullivan is listed as a professor in the English Branch for Preparatory students.
1897-98, Prepatory Classes.jpg
The Preparatory Curriculum includes lessons in Christian Doctrine and is designed to prepare students for future courses.
Leading Events 1897-98, Performance of
The “Leading Events of the Year 1897-1898.” The program from the original Extravaganza, “The Lord Mayor of Krashtowl,” produced at Columbia Theatre by Junior Students on February 10th. The Euripidean play, “Ion” was performed by the Senior students at the Schiller Theatre on December 28th. I referenced a photograph of this performance in an earlier blog post about the St. Ignatius College Photograph Album, vol. i.


1898-99, Joseph I. Sullivan listed as Dramatic Instructor.jpg
Joseph I. Sullivan is listed as the college’s dramatic instructor. He is the only dramatic instructor I encountered in reading the catalogues.
1904-05, Thursday Dec. 29th, 1898, Columbia Theatre, The Upstart.jpg
“The Upstart,” performed at the Columbia Theatre on December 29th, 1898. A photograph of this performance also appears in the St. Ignatius College Photograph Album, vol. i. Note that the student Edgar Cook is cast as Covielle. Cook becomes a student I track later in the catalogues.


1899-1900, Dec. 28th 1899,
“The Prince and the Pauper,” performed at the Columbia Theatre by the Students of St. Ignatius on December 28th, 1899.

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