Note: it is possible some years may be excluded due to unchanging information from the previous years.


The Chrysostomian Debating Society (Honors Society) persons “Landmarks of Our Language” on March 5, 1890. The literary symposium includes readings of Caedmon, Chaucer, and Shakespeare (presented by Maurice J. Donoghue).
The first mention I came across of a Drama Club, called “The Loyola Dramatic Club.” Note Maurice J. Donoghue serves on the club’s board as treasurer.
1889-90, Awards Vincent J. Walsh.jpg
I noticed Vincent J. Walsh won many awards for a few years in a row, later he serves on the board of the Alumni Association. In this catalogue he wins the First Premiums in Christian Doctrine, Latin, Greek, and English.
1889-90, Dec. 26, 1889,
“The Triumph of Justice,” performed by the members of the Loyola Dramatic Club on December 26th, 1889. The character Gaspardo is played by a Joseph Sullivan. This could be evidence that Mr. Joseph Sullivan, the alumni director of “The Upstart” in 1898, was a member of the drama club when he attended the college.
1889-90, Jan. 15, 1890,
“If I Were A King” presented by the Members of the Loyola Dramatic Club on January 15th, 18890. The character Alberto is played by Maurice Donoghue.
1889-90, Sodality of the Blessed Virigin Mary Organization (claims it started in 1872).jpg
Maurice J. Donohuge acts as first assistant for “The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”


1890-91, Feb. 5, 1981, Grand Opera House,
“The Black Knight” performed by the Loyola Dramatic Club of St. Ignatius at the Grand Opera House, February 5th, 1891. You will notice many of the same students are involved in the drama club’s productions. I am attempting to suggest students involved in productions at St. Ignatius were the types of students to be heavily involved in many activities. I also collected information on many students examination scores and many were students on honor roll.
1890-91, Joseph I. Sullivan in student Roster as First Academic.jpg
Joseph I. Sullivan is enrolled in this year studying the First Academic coursework.
1890-91, The Gold Medal in Elocution, secon class, Joseph I. Sullivan, mentioned William J. Donoghue.jpg
Joseph I. Sullivan wins the Gold Medal in the Second Class of Elocution Contests, with William J. Donoghue as an honorable mention. George F. Gubbins receives a tie in the Gold Medal in the Third Class.
1890-91, The Loyola Dramatic Club.jpg
The Loyola Dramatic Club receives a new board and William J. Donoghue serves as a Censor.
1890-91, The Sodality of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Consultors- Joseph I. Sullivan.jpg
Joseph I. Sullivan serves as a Consultor for “The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”
1890-1890, Dec. 26 1890, Entertainment by the Junior Students,
“The Rising of the Moon” and “The Child-Crusaders” performed by the Junior students at College Hall, December 26th, 1890. The play’s title evokes themes of Catholic history.
The First Academic Class performs “A Trip to Greece with Nepos as Our Guide” on November 24th, 1890. Joseph I. Sullivan performs a solo, “God Bless You.”
1890-1891, Dec. 15 1891,
“The Quest of the Golden Fleece” is performed by the Class of the Humanities, December 15th, 1890. Vincent Walsh presents an original verse translation of “Winning the Fleece in Colchis” and a criticism of Ovid’s style.
Senior Elocution Class, The Maniac (Lewis) given by Joseph I. Sullivan.jpg
Senior Elocution class, both William J. Donoghue and Joseph I. Sullivan present.


1891-92, Dec. 12th, 1891,
“The Merchant of Venice” analyzed as part of a study on December 12th, 1891.
1891-92, Character Sketches.jpg
‘The Merchant of Venice” study an analysis event has a performative element due to the presentation of character sketches.
1891-92, English Curriculum, Longfellow and Tennyson, Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.jpg
“Coppens’ Practical Introduction” in Curriculum for the Class of Poetry, along with Longfellow. Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice in the curriculum provides further evidence for “The Merchant of Venice” class specimen of December 12th, 1891.
1891-92, The Loyola Dramatic Club, Censor, William J. Donoghue.jpg
The Loyola Dramatic Club


College Lecture Hall in the Photo Album of St. Ignatius, vol. IV.

1892-93, College Lecture Hall, St. Ignatius College.jpg


1892-93, May 24th 1893, Oratorical and Elocution contest- William J. Donoghue.jpg
Senior Oratorical Contest of May 24th, 1893. Vincent J. Walsh performs “The World’s Fair–Its Lesson to Chicago” and William J. Donoghue performs “Herculaneum.” 
1892-93, Picture of Holy Family Church, St. Ignatius College.jpg
The Holy Family Church, adjacent to St. Ignatius College. 
1892-93, The Loyola Dramatic Club, William J. Donoghue now the Treasurer.jpg
William J. Donoghue serves as treasurer of The Loyola Dramatic Club, and George F. Gubbins serves as a censor. 


1893-94, Student Total at 446.jpg
Total Student Population at 446. 
1893-94, The Loyola Dramatic Club.jpg
This is the first mention of the Student’s Library Association that I encountered. 


1894-95, Alumni Association, Treasurer, Vincent J. Walsh.jpg
Vincent J. Walsh serves as Treasurer of the Alumni Association.
1894-95, Elocution Gold Medal, four class given to Arnold D. McMahon.jpg
Arnold D. McMahon wins the Gold Medal in Elocution in the Fourth Class.
1894-95, Register of Alumni, Joseph I. Sullivan.jpg
Joseph I. Sullivan appears in the registry of members of the Alumni Association.
1894-95, Societies.jpg
Societies include the Alumni Association, The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary, The Chrysostomian Debating Society, the Scientific Academy, the Orchestra, and the Camera Club. The Loyola Dramatic Club is no longer listed.

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